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Afternoon activities for school children

School children can attend a day care center in the afternoon.

Parents who require an afternoon program for their schoolchild should give priority to registering their child at an all-day school. If they do not get a place there, the child can attend a daycare center (Hort) from Monday to Friday after the reliable elementary school. There, they take part in lunch.

For older school children, for example, the youth recreational facilities offer gap projects.

Parents must pay a contribution for after-school care based on their earnings, family size and hours per week. No contributions are charged for all-day schools.


Parents who wish their child to attend after-school care or other services for school-age children should demonstrate that they are working, in training, seeking employment, or qualifying for employment. A special family situation may also be an important reason for attending an after-school program.

School children can also attend after-school care during the vacations. However, after-school programs and other services for school children are closed 4 weeks a year. During this time, another facility in the district is open and can be visited if necessary.

Not every district has enough places available for school children. If a facility has more applications than available places, children are given priority for admission if the parents are working, in training, looking for a job or qualifying for a job. A special situation in the family is also a reason for preferential admission of a school child. Younger school children have priority over older ones.

Parents who need care in addition to after-school hours or who have not been offered an after-school or all-day school place can contact PiB-Pflegekinder in Bremen. They will check whether a place is available with a childminder.