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alternative practitioners

The Bremen Health Department, in cooperation with the Bremen Public Order Office, is responsible for alternative practitioners in the city of Bremen.

Contact Person

Registrations for the examinations are accepted by the Bremen Public Order Office, in Bremerhaven the Citizens' and Public Order Office of the City of Bremerhaven is responsible.

The examinations for the general non-medical practitioner license for Bremen and Bremerhaven are carried out at the Bremen Health Department.

At present, written examinations take place twice a year:

  • 3rd Wednesday in March
  • 2nd Wednesday in October

This is followed by the oral-practical examinations approximately four to eight weeks later.


  • Primary residence in Bremen (alternatively proof of professional activity as a non-medical practitioner in Bremen)
  • Complete application documents must be submitted by the deadline

Information on the registration modalities can be obtained from Ms. Michaelis at the Ordnungsamt.

What documents do I need?

  • Which documents are required depends on the individual case.

    Further information can be obtained from the responsible office.