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Application for special use (containers and similar)

In order to set up a container, building material, lifting platforms, risers or similar on public land, you need a permit in accordance with §18 of the Bremen State Roads Act. A distinction is made between a single permit and an annual permit. Applications for extensions can also be made via the service.

In order to place a container on public ground, you need a permit according to §18 of the Bremisches Landesstraßengesetz.
It will differentiate between an individual permit and an annual permit.

Please note that although you have an annual permit, you will need an individual permit for the installation of a container in the city centre area.
If you wish to apply for a special permit for outdoor seating (seating etc.), please contact the relevant building supervisory authority. For a special use permit for construction site crossings, construction cranes, mobile cranes etc., please contact the Office for Roads and Traffic (ASV).

The application should be submitted at least two weeks before the special use is to be made.
After the written application has been submitted, your application will be forwarded to the authorities involved for comment. If there are no objections to the location you have chosen, you will receive permission from the Bremen public order office to set up a container and a cost estimate.
If a no stopping zone is to be set up, this must be obtained from the responsible police station. The application for special use does not automatically create a no-parking zone. In addition, separate costs are incurred, which are charged by the police station. A no-parking zone must be established at least four working days in advance.
If a special use permit is granted, the licensee assumes responsibility for the proper safety measures against stationary and moving traffic for the period of the special use.


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