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Apply for a building permit for the construction of a plant


You apply for a building permit for the erection, modification, change of use or, in special cases, removal of a facility in text form using the published form. Attach the required construction documents.

Submit the application documents to the responsible lower building supervisory authority. If documents are missing or if there are other ambiguities, you will be asked to remove these obstacles to approval. In this case, submit the missing or adjusted documents and/or clarification.

In the case of building structures requiring approval that do not fall under Section 63 of the Bremen Building Code (generally all non-residential buildings, but also mixed-use buildings), the lower building supervisory authority checks

  1. the regulations of the Building Code and on the basis of the Building Code (building planning law),
  2. the regulations of the Bremen State Building Code and regulations issued on the basis of the Bremen State Building Code (building regulation law),
  3. other requirements under public law, with the exception of the requirements of energy law and workplace law, insofar as the requirements under public law are not to be examined in a procedure other than a building permit procedure (ancillary building law).

The examination of structural engineering evidence is carried out independently of the procedure in accordance with § 66 of the Bremen State Building Code.

The comprehensive building permit procedure also applies to the removal of structural facilities, insofar as the implementation of a building permit procedure is required by the building supervisory authority in accordance with Section 61 (3) sentence 3 of the Bremen Building Code.

In addition, the building supervisory authority may waive the execution of an otherwise required building permit procedure pursuant to Section 64 of the Bremen Building Code for construction projects with public sponsorship pursuant to Section 64a of the Bremen Building Code.

The lower building supervisory authority shall involve the municipality and those bodies whose participation or hearing is required for the decision on the building application or without whose opinion the approvability of the building application cannot be assessed. You will receive a decision on the building permit.

The building permit is subject to a fee. You will receive a fee notice. If necessary, the lower building supervisory authority will ask you to pay the fees in advance after you have submitted your application.

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