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  • Apply for a declaration of commitment (purpose: issuance of a visit or business visa)

Apply for a declaration of commitment (purpose: issuance of a visit or business visa)

Due to the current situation, please note the Information on the homepage of the Bürgeramt.

You have been asked to provide your guest with a letter of undertaking as part of a visa procedure for visiting or business purposes?
Please note the following points:

When applying for a visa, documents must be submitted from which the German mission abroad can see that sufficient means of subsistence are available for the duration of the intended stay as well as for the return journey to the country of origin or residence.
This proof can also be provided by submitting a declaration of commitment from a host living in Germany.
With the declaration of commitment

  • the costs of living (including reimbursement of all public funds which may have to be spent on living expenses, provision of accommodation, care in the event of illness or nursing care) and
  • the costs of departure (including flight ticket, also costs of a possible forced deportation to the foreign destination, escort costs, food costs, costs of a detention accommodation etc.)

from the beginning of the validity of the visa until the end of the stay or until the issuance of a residence permit for another purpose of stay. This means that the state authorities can claim any costs from the sponsor.

The declaration of commitment must be submitted on a standard federal form.


  • A declaration of commitment can only fulfil the requirement of a secure livelihood if the obligor can meet the assumed obligation from his own income or other own funds in the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • The examination of financial capacity must relate to the number of family members of the obligor to whom he grants maintenance and to the number of foreigners who are invited.
  • In examining the capacity to pay, the limits on the exemption from seizure under §§ 850 et seq. ZPO must be taken into account, because income below these exemption limits cannot be accessed in the enforcement of obligations under § 68 AufenthG.
  • Existing statutory maintenance obligations must also be taken into account (§ 850c (1) sentence 2, (2) to (3) ZPO in conjunction with the notice of exemption from seizure).
  • If the income is not sufficient for the submission of a declaration of obligation or if the income circumstances are not to be presented, there is also the possibility of depositing a security deposit in the BSC or blocking a savings book in favour of the city office.
  • A monthly amount per guest of 300.00 euros or 200.00 euros for children under 18 years of age is taken as a basis for the calculation of requirements.
  • If a security deposit is paid or a passbook is blocked in favour of the City Office, this amount is increased by a return travel flat rate of 1,000.00 euros per person.
  • These transactions can only be processed after prior arrangement of a date.

Data required to fill out the standard federal form.

Required data from the host:

  • Name
  • First name/s
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Identity document (type and number)
  • Address (town and street with house number)
  • Profession

Required data from the guest:

  • Name
  • First name/s
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Address abroad (city, street with house number and home country)
  • Relationship
  • accompanying spouse
  • accompanying children
  • length of stay
  • Place of residence of the guest in Germany if different from the place of residence/address of the host

What documents do I need?

  • Valid identification document

    A valid identity document is required for identification and for authentication of the signature.

  • Documents for credit assessment

    Employees and inactive persons

    - salary statements for the net monthly income, for the last three months
    - other income statements

    Self-employed workers (sole proprietorships)

    - Business registration, if necessary extract from the commercial register/register of associations
    - current tax assessment
    - current certificate from a tax advisor for the determination of profits

  • completed "Declaration of Commitment" form

    Download the form: