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Apply for a gun ownership card

For a "sharp" firearm you need a gun ownership card.

Whoever wants to acquire a weapon needs a so-called "weapon possession card", which must be applied for. The legal acquisition of a weapon is linked to a weapon-legal need (e.g. as a hunter, sports shooter or similar).


  • Age of majority
  • Reliability (in particular no criminal record)
  • Expertise (proof by special examination or by previous training, e.g. as a hunter or sports shooter)
  • Physical aptitude (no health restrictions, sufficient eyesight)
  • Need (e.g. if someone needs the weapon as a sports marksman or markswoman or as a hunter, or if a special danger is to be assumed, e.g. as an escort for money transport)

Please note that a general feeling of danger or uncertainty is not sufficient as a need.

What documents do I need?

  • valid identity card, passport or travel document
  • Proof of need (please ask the firearms authority individually)
  • Certificate of competence