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Apply for a subsidy for old-age insurance as a caregiver

Caregivers can receive a subsidy for their pension plan

Foster carers in full-time care (§ 33 SGB VIII) and suitable foster carers when placing a mentally handicapped young person (§ 35a (2) sentence 2 number 3 SGB VIII) can receive a half subsidy for an appropriate old-age provision. This also applies to on-call/transitional and weekly care. . Due to the undefined definition of "adequate old-age provision" in social legislation (SGB VIII), the determination of the amount to be paid is left to the respective federal states. For this reason, the amount of the subsidy may vary depending on state law.

The old-age provision subsidy is granted to a caregiver. In the case of pairs of caregivers, the main caregiver (according to the assistance plan) receives the subsidy. If both caregivers are named in the assistance plan, this is usually the person with the lower volume of employment if the volume of employment of both caregivers differs. If the volume of employment is the same, the caregivers determine which of them should receive the pension subsidy.


Permission for full-time care according to §44 SGB VIII and ongoing care relationship of full-time care

What documents do I need?

  • Proof of old age insurance