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Apply for admission to the bar

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If you wish to practice as a lawyer, you must be admitted to the bar. For this purpose, a certificate is issued and handed over by the competent body if the relevant requirements are met, and you are entered in the official nationwide register of lawyers.

Upon admission, you become a member of the admitting body. After admission, you may practice under the professional title "Rechtsanwältin" or "Rechtsanwalt".


  • Original/copy or officially certified copy of the examination certificate on the acquisition of the qualification to become a judge according to the German Judges Act or
  • Fulfillment of the integration requirements according to the Law on the Activity of European Lawyers in Germany (EuRAG) or
  • passing the aptitude test according to the EuRAG
  • Proof of professional liability insurance
  • Receipt of the administrative fee
  • Swearing in

What documents do I need?

  • Doctoral Certificate

    If applicable, original/ copy or officially certified copy of the doctoral degree certificate or proof of the acquisition of another academic degree.

  • Questionnaire

    Completed and signed questionnaire inquiring about the grounds for refusal of admission pursuant to Section 7 BRAO.

  • Extract from the Federal Central Register

    Will be obtained from the bar association.

  • Resume

    Curriculum vitae with photograph indicating the name at birth.