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Apply for benefits under the Federal Pension Act (BVG)

Would you like to apply for benefits under the Federal Pensions Act?

Benefits under the Federal Pensions Act are paid on application to persons who have suffered damage to their health as a result of war, military service or service similar to military service.

Because of the health and economic consequences of this injury, benefits may be granted:

  • Damaged pensions
    The amount of the pension depends on the type and severity of the health and economic consequences of the damage. In addition to the basic pension, which is independent of income, there are also benefits which are independent of income, such as a severely disabled allowance. Nursing care allowance, lump sum for clothing and laundry wear, as well as income-dependent benefits such as compensation for occupational injury and compensation pension are possible according to the circumstances.
  • Survivors' pensions
    A widow's pension or widow's allowance may be granted. This includes the basic pension as well as the income-dependent compensation pension and damage compensation. In addition, a care compensation can be granted if the widow of a damaged person with a care allowance according to level II has cared for him/her for more than 10 years during the marriage.
  • Orphan's pension/orphan's allowance
    In addition to the basic pension, an income-related equalisation pension is possible.
  • Parents' pension
    The provision of parents is dependent on income overall
  • Services of medical and medical treatment
    By this we mean medical and dental treatment, hospital treatment, provision of orthopaedic aids, cures.
  • War Victim Welfare
    War-disabled persons and war survivors are entitled to benefits from the war victim welfare service, which includes in particular assistance with vocational rehabilitation, recovery assistance, supplementary living assistance, assistance for the elderly and sick benefits.


A claim under the BVG (Federal Pension Act) is only based on persons from the 1st and 2nd World War:

  • injured soldiers
  • Widows and orphans of the fallen
  • Victims of war among the civilian population

War victim welfare benefits are paid to entitled persons under the BVG if they are unable to cover their existing needs from their own income and assets as a result of the injury or loss of their main wage earner.
Group of persons:

  • Damaged persons who receive a disability pension and compensation for occupational injury or a care allowance.
  • Severely disabled persons (degree of damage 50 %) who have reached the age of 60
  • Survivors who are fully disabled or incapacitated for work or who have reached the age of 60
  • other beneficiaries

Exclusion: Soldiers' Pensions Act: Soldiers' Pensions - Responsibility in Düsseldorf, at the Federal Office for Personnel Management of the Bundeswehr - Care for the Damaged - Wilhelm-Raabe-Straße 46, 40470 Düsseldorf

Exclusion: NVA (National People's Army)': Responsibility in Wilhelmshaven, at the Unfallkasse Bund und Bahn, Weserstraße 47, 26382 Wilhelmshaven