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Apply for educational assistance or caregiver aide

Your child has problems in everyday life or in his development? You as a parent cannot help your child alone? Then an educational advisor can support your child.

An educational aide or caregiver aide can help a child or adolescent with daily living, dealing with their parents, and social problems.
Possible helps are:

  • Talking about problems, fears and behavior
  • Help in coming to terms with stressful experiences
  • Support in solving problems with family, friends, teachers or others
  • Support with visits to authorities
  • For older adolescents, there is additional help: Support in finding a job or a place to live
  • Help with detachment from parents
  • Help in becoming independent

Note: In contrast to "socio-pedagogical family assistance", an educational assistant focuses his or her help largely on the child or young person in question. If possible, he involves the social environment.
This is a type of assistance for upbringing. It can also apply to young adults.


  • You are the person with custody of a child (parent or guardian)
  • You cannot all ensure that the child is doing well
  • The help of an educational assistant or care assistant is suitable and necessary.

What documents do I need?

  • identity card/passport

    If a German identity card/passport is to be authenticated, a written proof of what this authentication is required for must be brought along.

  • Proof of custody

    For example: birth certificate, information from the custody register or decision of the family court on custody.