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  • Apply for export marks

Apply for export marks

If you want to export a vehicle that has not yet been registered or a vehicle that has been registered in the Federal Republic of Germany - and possibly decommissioned - to a foreign country, you will need an export license plate.

The license plate is issued if the vehicle is to be driven abroad under its own power


  • There must be no arrears of fees and expenses from previous registration processes. In the event of arrears, the registration authority may not register the vehicle until these have been settled.
  • Written direct debit authorization for the collection of vehicle tax

Welche Unterlagen benötige ich?

  • Registration certificate part I or vehicle registration document
  • valid test report on a general inspection


  • Registration certificate part II or old vehicle registration document
  • if registered to companies

    - Current and valid business registration and, if available, current and valid excerpt from the commercial register (also as a copy)
    - Power of attorney, if the person authorized to dispose does not personally submit the application on site

  • in case of representation with written power of attorney

    additionally: identity card or passport of the authorised representative

  • Valid identity card, passport or electronic residence permit (eAT) as well as the original national passport of the vehicle owner applying for the permit
  • Direct debit authorisation for motor vehicle tax (SEPA Direct Debit Mandate)
  • external licence plates

    in the case of registered vehicles which are not registered in Bremen or Bremerhaven at the time of their registration there

  • electronic insurance confirmation (eVB) - export

    for the export of vehicles (if necessary, also by fax to the registration office for the specific occasion)

  • for vehicles put out of service

    - old vehicle documents and a deregistration certificate issued before 1 October 2005 or
    - registration certificate part I and II

  • License plates

    for registered vehicles

  • An application for registration must be submitted to the registration authority. The application can also be submitted by a representative (e.g. car dealer) with a written power of attorney.
  • There is an obligation to present the vehicle for identity verification.
  • If the vehicle was previously registered, the license plates will be stamped. Subsequently, the export license plate will be assigned for the duration of the liability insurance, but for a maximum of one year.
  • The vehicle must have valid proof of the main inspection (HU) for the registration period (i.e. until the end date of the export license plate). If the due date of the main inspection is before the end of the export period, you must submit an inspection report from an officially recognized inspection organization on the new main inspection.
  • Applications must always be submitted at the main place of residence. For applicants without residence in the FRG, the application must be submitted to the vehicle registration office responsible for the location of the vehicle.

Since July 1, 2010, export license plates have been subject to vehicle tax. Vehicle tax must be paid upon registration for the duration of the export license plate's validity. The minimum taxation period is one month.

The license plates can be produced during registration. Private providers have set up near the registration authorities for this purpose. The cost of the plates is not included in the fees. The license plates are stamped by the registration authority, i.e. they are provided with stickers.


Weitere Hinweise

  • Upon request, an International Registration Certificate can also be issued (10.50 EUR).
  • As part of EU harmonization, additional fees of up to EUR 8.70 will be charged for replacing the old vehicle registration document with the registration certificate Part II.
  • Since July 1, 2010, export license plates are subject to vehicle tax. The vehicle tax must be paid upon registration for the duration of the validity of the export license plate (SEPA direct debit mandate). The minimum taxation period is one month.
  • Paragraphs 3 and 4 of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV) regulate which vehicles are subject to registration.
  • Vehicle tax exemption or reduction as a result of severe disability:
    Severely disabled people with the mark "H", "BI" or "aG" in their severely disabled ID card continue to be exempt from vehicle tax. Based on the proof in their ID card, they do not have to submit a direct debit authorization. Further information is available from the main customs office in Bremen.
  • Electronic confirmation of insurance (eVB):
    You can obtain the confirmation of insurance regarding the motor vehicle liability insurance from the insurance company of your choice. In most cases, you can request the insurance confirmation from your insurance company by telephone.
    Since March 1, 2008, the insurer can give you an insurance confirmation with a 7-digit alphanumeric VB number, which the registration authority uses to retrieve the insurance data electronically from the central database of the German Insurance Association.

Welche Gebühren/Kosten fallen an?

36,70 EUR The fee is increased by 15.30 if the data cannot be retrieved from the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt and the data is not available in the local vehicle register.
Additional fees may apply in individual cases.