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Apply for funding for environmental education

Are you responsible for an environmental education learning site funded by the Senator for Children and Education and would like to apply for funding for an environmental education measure?

External learning sites in the field of environmental education and global learning with existing cooperation agreements can apply to the Senator for Children and Education for a grant.

To promote their work, the external learning sites / educational partners:inside (according to a cooperation agreement) can submit applications for grants. These applications must be re-submitted annually. After completion of the measure, a final report on the use of the funds is submitted to the Senator for Children and Education. This report is checked for content and expertise and archived in the Financial Management Department.


Eligibility to apply must be present.

What documents do I need?

  • Application and project outline

    A project outline for the measure must be submitted and a financing plan must be prepared.

    These documents must be submitted together with an informal application.