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Apply for funding for green roofs

If you plan to green the roof of your house or garage, you can apply for funding for this in the state of Bremen.

Extensive green roofs help to relieve surface waters of pollutant inputs. Against this background, the Senator for the Environment, Building and Transportation wants to encourage Bremen residents to take the initiative and promote extensive greening of roofs with subsidies.

Funding is available for the installation of green roofs on new buildings and for the retrofitting of existing roofs with extensive or intensive green roofs. All costs incurred in connection with the measure from the upper edge of the roof sealing are eligible for funding. Measures to improve the load-bearing capacity of roofs in connection with greening are also eligible.

Funding is provided for up to 25% of the eligible costs of a plant, up to a maximum of 5,000 euros. The maximum subsidy per square meter of greened area is 25 euros. In the event of unforeseen additional costs during the construction phase, a subsequent grant can be applied for in writing. However, the total funding of 5,000 euros may not be exceeded. Own contributions are not taken into account in the funding.


Prerequisites for a grant are that

  • the house to be greened is located in Bremen or Bremerhaven,
  • the applicant is the owner of the land and building or otherwise entitled to dispose of it in rem (e.g. heritable building rights or tenants with the owner's declaration of consent),
  • the measure is voluntary, i.e. there is no legal obligation to carry it out, such as a requirement in the building permit.