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Apply for or extend a hunting licence

If you want to go hunting, you need a hunting license.

The hunting license for the municipality of Bremen is issued and extended exclusively by the Public Order Office, as the lower hunting authority.

It is issued for a limited period of time depending on demand.

After its expiry, the conditions for issuing the license are re-examined before it is reissued. Please note that this will result in follow-up costs.


  • Hunting test certificate,
  • Proof of adequate hunting liability insurance,
  • Reliability under hunting law and suitability for hunting.

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport
  • Hunter's examination certificate (when first issued)
  • Hunting liability insurance valid for the entire period of the hunting licence validity applied for

    (Proof by original, copy of the insurance policy or written confirmation of the insurer)

  • Passport photo (for first-time application or new issue)