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Apply for recognition as a curative education nurse with professional qualification from abroad

You have acquired a professional qualification as a curative education nurse abroad? Then you can apply for recognition of this qualification in Germany under certain conditions.

The profession of curative education nurse is regulated in Germany. This means that you have to prove that you have a certain qualification in order to be allowed to work in the profession. If you have a foreign certificate of training as a curative education nurse, you can work in this profession in the chosen federal state under certain conditions.

To do this, you must submit an application with all the necessary documents to the relevant state authority. In the recognition procedure, the competent state authority compares your professional qualification from abroad with the professional qualification in the chosen state. The procedure is called: equivalence determination.

After your application has been reviewed, you will receive feedback. If you lack professional qualifications for recognition, the notice will state the main differences. You can then take a compensatory measure.


  • Equivalence of your professional qualification
  • You must be authorized to practice the profession in the country of training.

What documents do I need?

  • Request
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Proof of identity (identity card/passport)

    of the acceptors

  • Foreign education certificates
  • Evidence of professional experience as a curative education nurse.
  • Evidence of other qualifications
  • Certificate that the profession may be practiced in the country of training
  • Information on applications for recognition already submitted

    Indicate the office to which you submitted the application.

  • Notes on the documents

    If your documents are not in German, you must submit German translations of your documents. The translations must be made by translators who are publicly appointed or authorized.

    You can submit the documents in written form (mail or e-mail) or in person.

    We advise against sending original documents by mail.