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Apply for social pedagogical family assistance

You as a family or as a single parent need support to cope with your everyday family life? Then socio-pedagogical family assistance is an option for you. The socio-pedagogical family help is a form of help for upbringing from the youth welfare office.

Social pedagogical family assistance takes place directly in the family and in their home. The family receives support in everyday issues and in the form of therapeutic processing of problem situations. For this purpose, a socio-educational specialist visits the family regularly for several hours per week. The assistance is based on the concrete everyday life of the family.
The socio-pedagogical family help is especially supportive for single parents who are heavily burdened by coping with everyday family life.
Individual goals are worked out with the family, based on the respective resources and abilities of the family members. Goals can be:

  • Restoring and strengthening parenting skills
  • Revealing the strengths and abilities of the individual family members
  • Support in coping with everyday life
  • Strengthening self-esteem
  • Strengthening the ability to deal with conflict
  • Improvement of relationships with each other


Social pedagogical family assistance must help the affected children.
Social pedagogical family assistance can support you with these problems:

  • You have problems with the organization of everyday life.
  • You need support in dealing with authorities, schools, doctors.
  • You have difficulties in caring for and raising your children.

An important prerequisite for the success of the service is your willingness to accept help and to work on changes.