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Applying for a transfer of the mining license

If you want to transfer the mining license to a third party, you need the approval of the competent authority.

With a mining permit, you are the only person permitted to search for and extract the granted mineral resource in a defined area.

The area covered by the permit is limited to the earth's surface and theoretically extends to the center of the earth.

If you or your company have a mining permit for the exploration of mineral resources, you can transfer this to third parties under certain conditions. To do so, you need the written consent of the competent authority.


  • You, or your representatives, must have the necessary legal reliability.
  • You must be able to credibly demonstrate that you can provide the necessary financing for proper exploration.
  • Your exploration project must not jeopardize the sensible and planned exploration and extraction of non-mineable or underground mineral resources.
  • Your exploration project must not impair any mineral resources whose protection is in the public interest.
  • Your exploration project must not affect any overriding public interests that preclude the search in the entire field to be allocated, for example environmental and animal protection.