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Applying for funding for thermal insulation measures on existing residential buildings

If you are planning to carry out thermal insulation measures on an existing residential building in Bremen or Bremerhaven, you can apply to the state of Bremen for a grant for this.

To protect the climate and because of the finite nature of fossil fuels, the state of Bremen is promoting the implementation of thermal insulation measures on existing residential buildings. The aim is to significantly reduce the heating energy requirements of these buildings on a permanent basis. The funding is provided as project funding in the form of a grant.

Funding is available for:

  • Insulation of exterior walls, basement ceilings and roofs and attics,
  • Highly insulating windows,
  • Hydraulic balancing of the heating system,,
  • Environmentally friendly insulation materials and coatings for the external thermal insulation composite system.

In addition, building applicants who carry out several renovation measures on their building at the same time or join forces with neighbors to insulate their adjoining building exterior walls and roofs will be additionally rewarded with a financial bonus.

The expanded funding spectrum makes energy-efficient residential building refurbishment even more attractive, as the Bremen funding can be claimed alongside the federal funding offered by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) with its "Energy-efficient refurbishment" grant and loan programs


Funding is provided for measures on buildings and on owner-occupied apartments that:

  • are located in the state of Bremen,
  • were built before January 1, 1995,
  • are used in whole or in part for residential purposes,
  • have a maximum of 12 residential units.

Private individuals are eligible to apply as building/apartment owners or other persons entitled to dispose of property (e.g. heritable building rights).

Projects can only be funded if they have not yet been started before receipt of the notice of approval. A project is considered to have begun as soon as the corresponding supply and service contracts have been concluded, with the exception of the planning required for project preparation and description - obtaining cost estimates is not considered to be the beginning of the project.

In addition to these general requirements, certain technical requirements must be fulfilled, which can be found in the attached funding guideline and the implementing provisions issued for this purpose

What documents do I need?

  • completed application form
  • Area calculation for the promotion of thermal insulation

    using an Excel table