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ask for lost property

You have the option to file a loss report at any time at:

By submitting your lost property report, you will automatically be notified as soon as your item is received by the Ordnungsamt - Lost and Found. You can choose whether you would like to be notified by letter or e-mail when filing your lost property report.

Please note that it can sometimes take several weeks for lost property to reach the lost property office.

If a lost property contains information about your person, e.g. identity card, EC card, insurance card or similar, you will automatically be notified in writing even without reporting the loss.

If you have any further questions on the subject of lost property, please contact us by e-mail:

or by telephone at

+49 421 361 10080

Lost property in bus & streetcar

If you have lost or left something on the streetcar or bus, please contact the BSAG lost and found office at telephone (0421) 55 96 75 75 or e-mail .

Lost property on the train

If you have lost or left something in a train or station, please contact Deutsche Bahn at .