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Asylum procedures and employment, training and studies

In the first three months after applying for asylum, asylum seekers are not allowed to work. However, internships and studies are generally possible even at the beginning of the asylum procedure. If the migration office extends your residence permit, you can apply to be allowed to work as well.

Training, internships and studies are usually permitted during the asylum procedure. The Migration Office will note this in your residence permit when it is extended.
Employment as a salaried employee is only permitted with the approval of the Migration Office and the Federal Employment Agency. In order to have employment approved, you need a concrete job offer from an employer (see under Forms) who would like to employ you.
In principle, you are not allowed to work:

  • Persons who are obliged to live in a reception facility.
  • Persons from so-called "safe countries of origin" who have submitted their asylum application after 31.08.2015.
    (Safe countries of origin are: Member States of the European Union, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Senegal and Serbia).