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Authentication of other documents

Due to the current situation, please refer to the Information on the Citizen's Office home page.

Notarization certifies that the copy is identical in content to the original document. However, notarization does not certify the authenticity or validity of the original.

This service is offered exclusively under municipal jurisdiction. Your request can therefore only be processed if you have your main residence in Bremen.

The authentication of other documents is restricted to a specific purpose. In case of doubt, it will be checked whether a certification can be carried out according to the relevant regulations.

The following documents may be certified for the purpose of applying for a training or study place:

  • proof of civil or military service
  • Diplomas from universities, colleges or similar
  • KV, ZV, medical associations
  • Computer print-outs issued in the original by an authority

The following documents may be authenticated for the purpose of presentation to German offices or authorities:

  • Diplomas from universities, colleges or similar
  • Doctoral certificates in German language
  • Naturalisation certificates
  • Name changes by registry offices (is not a civil status certificate)

What documents do I need?

  • Presentation of the original document
    • The original must be written in German.
  • Copies, if applicable
    • Copies brought in must reproduce the entire original document
    • A multi-page document must not be copied on both sides