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  • Authentication of signatures

Authentication of signatures

The certification confirms that the content of the copy is identical to the original document. However, the certification does not certify the authenticity or validity of the original.

This service is provided exclusively under municipal jurisdiction. Your request can therefore only be processed if you have your main residence in Bremen.

The notarization of signatures is for a specific purpose. In case of doubt, it will be checked whether certification may be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Signatures may only be certified for the purpose of submission to German offices or authorities:

Welche Unterlagen benötige ich?

  • Identity card or passport
    • If a German identity card/passport is to be authenticated, a written proof of what this authentication is required for must be brought along.

The signature must be made in person at the time of processing under the associated text.


Weitere Hinweise

Signatures for other purposes (e.g. for submission to a foreign authority) and blank signatures are certified at the notary.

For more information, call (0421) 361-88664.

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5,50 EUR