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Befreiung von der Hundesteuer beantragen

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Would you like to obtain a dog tax exemption?

Under certain conditions an exemption from the dog tax is possible.


A dog tax exemption is granted for keeping:
(§ 6 paragraph 1 Dog Tax Act)

  1. guide dogs for the blind
  2. Dogs which are required exclusively for the protection and assistance of blind, deaf or helpless persons within the meaning of the law on the severely handicapped.
  3. Service dogs of legal persons under public law whose maintenance costs are predominantly covered by public funds.
  4. Dogs that are required exclusively for scientific purposes by recognised scientific institutes or laboratories.
  5. ambulance or rescue dogs belonging to recognised medical or civil defence units, if these are required for civil defence purposes
  6. dogs that are temporarily housed in animal welfare facilities and are not allowed on the streets
  7. Dogs that are permanently kept on board inland waterway vessels.

Furthermore, dogs that are taken over from the Bremen animal shelter are granted a tax exemption for one year upon application.

What documents do I need?

  • Severely disabled pass for so-called assistance dogs

    Photocopy of the severely disabled person's pass, in which the characteristic "H" (= helpless), "aG" (= exceptional disability) or "B" (=accompanying person when using public transport) must be entered.

  • Photocopy of the companion dog test and performance booklet of the Federal Association for Rescue Dogs for so-called rescue dogs
  • Copy of the admission contract for dogs from the Bremen animal shelter

    When purchasing a dog from the Bremen animal shelter we need a copy of the admission contract.