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BürgerInformationService (BIS) Personal information for citizens

The BürgerInformationsService is a low-threshold, open information point, a kind of branch office of the Citizens' Telephone Service. It is located in the City Library West. Here, citizens can obtain personal information about all administrative services, how to reach public offices and the documents they need there.

The aim is to reduce barriers for the citizen through more proximity to the citizen, the communication of online services and especially through this the enabling of the participation of citizens.

This is what the BIS offers:

  • Information on all services available on the service portal
  • Information on all standardised service descriptions available in the 115 Knowledge Management of the public telephone
  • Support in the use of online services, help for self-help
  • the arrangement of appointments for citizens
  • Printout of forms
  • Assistance in case of comprehension difficulties with the "official language" (e.g. assistance in case of comprehension difficulties with forms or comprehension problems with official letters).
  • Contact with the Bremen authorities
  • if required, mediation to external service providers from our special files

In addition, we work in networks together with relevant bodies from the administration and outside. We offer ourselves as a communication partner, especially, but not only, in relation to city districts.