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Would you like to know what the average rent of an apartment is?

As far as the staffing situation permits, the Expert Committee for Property Values has attempted to compile an annual rent overview for the city of Bremen since 1998.

The rent overview is intended to serve as a general orientation aid on the Bremen housing market for housing not subject to price control. It does not fulfil the requirements according to § 558c (rent index) and § 558d (qualified rent index) of the German Civil Code (BGB).

The rent data reflect the normal rental market in Bremen, which is mainly characterised by (non-price-linked) rents in rather small housing estates. The rent data in the overview refer predominantly to flats in the individual housing sector, including the so-called old Bremen houses.

Not included are rents in multi-storey residential buildings (large housing estates; mainly formerly publicly subsidised, but without rent control).

Net rents are stated in euros per square metre of living space and do not include operating costs or other ancillary costs.

From 2020 onwards, the rents of the last six years are included in the analysis, in accordance with the Act on the Extension of the Observation Period for the Comparative Local Rent of 21.12.2019 (BGBI. I p. 2911).

The rent overview is graded according to city locations, living space and year of construction groups. The mean value (€/m²) of the corresponding sample is shown.

There is no rent index for the city of Bremen.