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Do you need advice or assistance in claiming maintenance?

Due to the current situation, the social centres of the Office for Social Services in the City of Bremen have currently restricted open consultation hours and home visits. Citizens are therefore asked to voice their concerns by telephone or e-mail. In special cases a personal appointment can be arranged. Appropriate emergency services are available in all social centres.

If there are problems with maintenance, it is possible to obtain advice and support in the assertion of maintenance claims for

  • underage children
  • children of full age up to their 21st birthday or
  • Alimony on the occasion of birth/ childcare support for unmarried parents.


Child support for underage children:

  • sole parental care for the minor child
  • or actual sole care of the minor child

Maintenance for young adults:

  • of age, but not yet 21 years old
  • School attendance or in a training/ study

Alimony on the occasion of the birth/carer's maintenance:

  • not fully employed due to pregnancy, care or upbringing of the child

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport