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Correction and updating of birth, marriage and death registers

If an entry in the register of births, marriages or deaths is incorrect or incomplete, it may be corrected or updated. A distinction is made between corrections and updates in such follow-up registrations.

  • Correction:
    The entry was incorrect from the beginning.

    In the birth certificate of a child, the surname was entered incorrectly.

  • Updating:
    Subsequent events have occurred which have changed the original facts.

    The birth name of a child has changed after its birth. First the child carried the name of the mother, through a declaration of name by the parents, it now carries the name of the father.


A correction shall be requested in writing or orally for recording. The parties involved are in principle the persons to whom an entry refers or who are entered in the register (in the case of a birth register, therefore, the child and the parents). The reason for the correction must be stated and supporting documents must be submitted.

The burden of proof of the incorrectness lies with the person making the request.

What documents do I need?

  • Request with reasons
  • Valid identity card or passport
  • Evidence to support the correct facts