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Dealing with abandoned properties in the state of Bremen

Are you interested in properties in the State of Bremen for which the waiver of the right of appropriation has been declared by the State of Bremen?

Any property owner can give up ownership of their property in accordance with Section 928 of the German Civil Code (BGB). This type of relinquishment of ownership is called dereliction. In the event of dereliction, the owner must submit a declaration of renunciation to the relevant land registry office. This is entered in the land register (§ 928 Para. 1 BGB). Upon entry in the land register, the waiver of ownership becomes effective and the property becomes ownerless.

The land registry in Bremen and Bremerhaven does not keep lists of ownerless properties as it is not technically possible to filter out this information from existing land registers. It is therefore not possible for citizens to obtain a list of all ownerless properties in the state of Bremen.

If a property is ownerless, the treasury of the state in whose territory the property is located has the right to appropriate the property (§ 928 Para. 2 BGB). The Senator for Finance is responsible in Bremen.

Only if the state of Bremen waives its right of appropriation in accordance with § 928 Para. 2 BGB can this ownerless property be transferred to a third party against payment of the full value of the property. Additional fees may also be incurred.

The fact that a property is neglected or a building appears abandoned does not automatically indicate that it is an ownerless property. Information on who owns a property or plot of land is subject to data protection and may only be provided if there is a legitimate interest. The legitimate interest must be proven to the land registry.

The Senator for Finance is not currently aware of any ownerless properties.