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Deregistration from religious education

As a parent or guardian, you may decide that your child should not attend religious education classes at school.

In religious education at school, pupils should be given a basic knowledge of religions, be able to understand and assess the relevance of religions to life, and be encouraged to perceive and acknowledge the religious beliefs of others. This objective applies to all children and young people, regardless of their religious or ideological background.

As the parent or guardian, you can decide whether or not your child should participate in religious instruction. If you do not want your child to take part in religious education, you have the option of withdrawing your child or children from the subject of religion at the school. After reaching religious maturity (age 14 and older), students decide for themselves whether or not to participate in religious education classes.

If elementary school students are deregistered from religion classes, they will attend classes in a parallel class instead. Pupils in the lower secondary school receive alternative lessons in philosophy instead of religious education.

To deregister from religious education classes, please contact the respective school. The deregistration can be made informally.

You can find the contact details of the relevant school in the Bremen Authority Finder under the link