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dispose of bulky waste


Bulky waste collection can be ordered by telephone (Tel. 0421 361-3611) and in writing. For written orders a corresponding online form can be downloaded as a pdf file from the website of Die Bremer Stadtreinigung .

After receipt of his order, the customer will receive a written order confirmation with the collection date and important information on the procedure.

The bulky waste must be made available in good time (by 6:00 a.m.) on the day of collection.

The maximum amount of bulky waste per order is 5 cubic metres.

More information

It's junk:

Furniture and furnishings:

  • Sofa, couch, bed, cupboard, chest of drawers, table, mattress, slatted frame, armchair, chair, stool, shelf, suitcase (empty), carpet (rolled or bundled)

Large electrical appliances: see "electrical appliances" section

Metal objects:

  • bed frame, spring frame, bicycles, prams, scooters, lawnmowers

Large plastic parts:

  • laundry basket, tub, garden furniture, rain barrel, Bobby Car, sandbox shell, plastic sledge

This is not bulky waste:

residual waste and plastic parts:

  • Items that fit into the Bremen garbage bag by size.

Construction waste:

  • Windows, doors, laminate and sanitary ceramics, pipes, baseboards and ceiling strips.

Recyclable materials:

  • Paper and cardboard, garden waste, textiles, glass and yellow bag.


  • Pollutants from waste containing asbestos.

Car parts:

  • Car wrecks and parts, motorcycles and tyres.


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