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Document: request a civil status certificate

There are life situations where additional civil certificates are needed.

The Bremen registry offices only issue these documents if the marriage, the establishment of a civil partnership, the birth or the death took place in the respective registry office district of the Bremen-Mitte or Bremen-Nord registry office or was subsequently recorded and the deadline for the maintenance of civil status records by the registry offices has not yet expired.

The following time limits apply:

  • Birth register: 110 years
  • Marriage register: 80 years
  • Civil partnership register: 80 years
  • Death register: 30 years

Information on older civil registers can be obtained from the Bremen State Archives (

We can issue these documents for you:

  • Certified register printouts from all registers (e.g. for the registration of a marriage)
    • as a certified copy, if the register is kept on paper
    • as a printout of the register, if the register is kept electronically
  • Birth certificates (also multilingual),
  • death certificates (also multilingual),
  • marriage certificates (also multilingual),
  • civil partnership certificates.

Would you like information about your time of birth? Then please request a birth certificate or a certified copy of your birth register.


Entitled to file an application are

  • Persons to whom the register entry refers (certified person
  • spouses, civil partners)
  • Ancestors and descendants (e.g. children, grandchildren)
  • Siblings (applies only to birth and death certificates)
  • Other persons who can substantiate a legal interest or if the persons entered in the register have been deceased for 30 years
  • Authorities within the scope of their competence, stating the purpose of the request.
  • You can also authorize someone to apply for the documents on your behalf.
  • Proof of your identity is provided by presenting your identity card/passport.

Restrictions apply to civil status registers of

  • Persons who have been adopted in lieu of a child (adoption)
  • transsexuals and persons with variants of gender development
  • Persons who are protected by a blocking notice in the civil status register.

What documents do I need?

  • Valid identity card or valid passport
  • In case of power of attorney, the written power of attorney and the identity card or passport of the person giving the power of attorney.