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Dog keeping

The security service patrols parks and green areas to check whether dog owners comply with the obligation to keep their dogs on a leash.
Furthermore, it is ensured that the dog owners properly remove the dog excrement.
The obligation to keep dogs on a leash applies in Bremen from 15 March and is discovered on 15 July of a calendar year (breeding and settling time). During this period dogs must be leashed if the walk takes place outside the built-up area of the city. But even in the city, the free running of the dogs is restricted. Thus, all year round a leash obligation applies in many parks.
Dogs that are kept in public areas may not endanger the traffic.
As a dog owner, please ensure that your dog does not bark at people or animals, jump on them or in any other way significantly impair them.


In principle, in Bremen a dog may only be led by persons who are physically able to control it. If this is not guaranteed or if there is no experience in dog handling, the person is considered unfit to handle a dog. Anyone who takes his four-legged friend for a walk in shops, shopping centres, public transport and at events must keep him on a leash and observe the respective house rules.
Please make sure that your dog always wears a collar with your name and address outside your own property or apartment.