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Driving licence compulsory exchange

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In its session on 15.02.2019, the Bundesrat (upper house of the German parliament) passed the 13th ordinance amending the Driving License Ordinance (FeV) and other road traffic regulations. The resolution also includes the so-called staggered mandatory exchange of all driving license documents issued before 19.01.2013. This means that by 19.01.2033 all driving license holders in the European Union should have a driving license of the same standard. It is planned to stagger the period according to the year of birth and the date of issue of the driving license. This regulation is intended to avoid a rush on the driving license authorities and disproportionately high processing times for citizens.

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You can find out the deadlines for the mandatory exchange of your driver's license at the following link .


  • Application in person at the driver's license office
  • Main residence in Bremen

What documents do I need?

  • Biometric photograph
  • Important information about the photo booths in all offices of the Citizen's Office:
    • The machines are operated by outside companies and often do not work. It cannot be guaranteed that passport photos can be taken on site. We advise you to bring passport photos to the appointment.
  • Identity card or passport
  • Driving licence
  • In addition, an index card copy from the driving licence office that issued the current driving licence, if the driving licence was issued outside Bremen before 1999