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Eintragung in das Handelsregister

You want to know more about the commercial register? The Commercial Register contains entries about registered merchants and companies.

The Commercial Register is a public register that keeps records of registered merchants and companies in the district of the competent registration court and that provides information on the documents deposited there. The Commercial Register provides information about essential legal and economic circumstances ("facts") of merchants and companies and can be inspected by anyone.

Task of the Commercial Register

The purpose of the Commercial Register is to create legal certainty (for example, for the conclusion of contracts). It therefore contains information on the factual and legal circumstances of companies (for example, the exact company name, the company's registered office, branches, any limitations of liability, persons authorized to represent the company.

Lists of shareholders or minutes of general meetings can also be inspected at the local court.

Freely accessible information

All interested parties can inspect the Commercial Register at the District Court for information purposes and request an extract from the Commercial Register (subject to a fee).


The Commercial Register consists of 2 sections:

  • Department A
    Among others, sole traders (e.K.), general partnerships (OHG) and limited partnerships (KG) are registered here.
  • Section B
    This is where corporations such as limited liability companies (GmbH), stock corporations (AG) or partnerships limited by shares (KGaA) are entered.

Commercial rights and duties

Businessmen have the following rights and duties:

  • Procuration
  • Jurisdiction
  • Guarantees
  • Bookkeeping and accounting regulations