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Emergency Shelter

If you are affected or threatened by homelessness, the Central Housing Office (ZFW) will arrange emergency housing for you to use for a certain period of time.

The Central Housing Unit of the Office of Social Services supports people who have lost their homes. As a central office, it takes over the management and placement of homeless people in emergency housing and offers help regarding the current crisis situation. Currently, a total of 130 emergency accommodations are provided in four facilities run by independent providers, as well as 300 places in so-called single hotels / boarding houses run by commercial providers. Depending on the specific emergency situation, special contact persons and emergency shelters are available for the following groups of people:

  • Single homeless people
  • Homeless people or people threatened with homelessness, delinquents
  • Homeless people or people threatened with homelessness who use drugs (illegal drugs)

As a rule, accommodation in an emergency shelter can be used for a maximum of three months.