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Entry in the Commercial Register as a stock corporation (AG)

The stock corporation (AG) only becomes a legal entity when it is entered in the commercial register. You can find more information here.

The commercial register is a public register kept by the district courts. It serves to ensure legal certainty in commercial transactions by providing complete and reliable evidence of the factual and legal circumstances whose disclosure is of particular interest to the general public. Two sections are maintained:

  • Department A: For sole traders and partnerships (e.K., OHG, KG).
  • Department B: For corporations (GmbH, AG)

The commercial register enjoys public faith. This means that bona fide legal transactions are protected to a limited extent in their trust in the correctness of the entries and announcements.

The content of the entry is published ex officio in the electronic Federal Gazette. In principle, all entries are published in their full wording.

The entry in the commercial register must be filed in electronic form with the locally competent district court. The signature of the person or body authorized to represent the company must be certified by a notary public. Depending on the form of the company, different information must be provided and attachments must be included.

A stock corporation is entered in the Commercial Register in Department B. So-called corporations are registered in section B (HRB).

Required information:

  • The company name
  • The registered office of the company
  • The domestic business address
  • The object of the company
  • The amount of the share capital
  • The date of adoption of the Articles of Association
  • Possible provision on the duration of the company
  • A possible provision on the authorized capital
  • The persons of the members of the Management Board and the extent of their respective powers of representation