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establish the boundary of a parcel of land

You can't agree with your neighbour on the boundary line? Or you want to build a garage right on the boundary? Then you can have your property boundary officially determined.

The location of the boundaries of your property is documented in the real estate cadastre. With the help of this proof, the course of the boundary is precisely determined on site by a surveyor and permanently marked with boundary signs, such as boundary stones, plastic marks, chisel crosses or similar. Deviations from existing boundary installations, such as fences, are documented. You and all involved neighbours are invited to an appointment on site. There, the result of the boundary determination and demarcation will be announced to all parties involved. The result of the boundary determination and demarcation is recorded in a document. This document has evidential value in court. You can obtain a copy of this document on request.

Note: Boundary signs, which are also called "demarcations", are under special legal protection. Anyone who deliberately removes or changes them is liable to prosecution.


  • The property concerned is located in the municipality of Bremen.
  • Eligible to apply are owners, heritable building owners or authorised representatives of one of the properties adjacent to the boundary to be established.