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Frequently asked questions about the tax relief due to the Corona crisis

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The Federal Ministry of Finance and the supreme tax authorities of the German states had decided on various tax relief measures to relieve the taxpayers directly and not inconsiderably affected by the Corona crisis. The aim was to improve liquidity at companies that had run into economic difficulties as a result of the Corona crisis.

The following FAQs are intended to provide a brief overview of the details of the corresponding measures. As a rule, those affected were granted the option of deferring tax payments without interest until June 30, 2022; if an appropriate installment payment was agreed, this was possible until September 30, 2022. Likewise, the enforcement of tax debts in arrears was to be waived. This gave taxpayers a break on payments to the tax office. In addition, it was possible to reduce advance payments of income tax, corporate income tax and trade tax in a simplified procedure until June 30, 2022.

In addition, there are still numerous simplifications resulting from the Corona pandemic, such as the extended declaration deadlines. The following FAQs are intended to give you a brief overview of the details of the measures currently in force. The explanations are to be understood as general information for dealing with the questions arising in connection with the Corona crisis. Decisions in individual cases are still the responsibility of the tax offices, local authorities or other contact persons. Please note that this document will be continuously adapted to the current situation and the issues arising.

Note: This document is continuously adapted to the issues arising (last update: March 21, 2023).


General note: For all declarations to be submitted by the taxpayer and which are related to the Corona crisis, it applies that all information must be truthful. In this respect, nothing else applies than in the case of other tax returns. False statements are subject to penalties.