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Have death certificate issued

When a person has died, a death certificate must be issued. Here you can find more information on this topic.

After the death of a person, a doctor must examine the body and make the determination of death.

The determination of death must be carried out immediately after the occurrence of death by established physicians. Likewise, physicians who are on emergency standby duty or physicians on emergency care duty are required to make a determination of death.

The following persons, in the order listed below, are required to make the determination of death:

  1. the spouse, registered domestic partner, person who lived with the deceased person in consensual union, children of full age, parents or siblings of full age,
  2. the person on whose property or in whose dwelling the death occurred, or
  3. any person who finds a corpse.

If the death has occurred in hospitals, nursing homes, and other community facilities or in enterprises, public facilities, means of transport or during an event, the medical management of the hospital, the management of the other facility or enterprise, the driver of the means of transport or the organizer of the event shall be obliged in the first place to arrange for the death to be ascertained.

After the death has been ascertained, a death certificate must be issued immediately. This consists of 6 copies. The death certificate is based on a model issued by the Senator for Science, Health and Consumer Protection.

The death certificate must contain the following information about the deceased person:

  • Name, sex.
  • Last residence.
  • Time and place of birth and death or finding
  • in the case of stillborn infants, also the birth weight.
  • Information on indications of non-natural death.

If there are indications that the death was not natural, the post-mortem examination shall be carried out at the place where the body was found. The physician shall immediately notify the competent police station. The police shall notify the coroner for the purpose of conducting the post-mortem examination.


  • Death of a person.
  • Immediate notification of a medical professional or the police.

What documents do I need?

  • Death certificate

    Based on a sample from the Senator of Science, Health, and Consumer Protection.