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Help and advice for stalking

Are you repeatedly harassed or followed, i.e. stalked, by a person? Do you know no more advice when you are continuously called, followed and threatened?

"Stalking", a term from English, means "stalking, following, psychological terror". Stalkers are persons who pursue, harass and terrorize someone in various ways. If this happens on the Internet or with the help of technical aids, it is called cyberstalking or cyberbullying. The person being stalked can be a stranger or a superficially known person. It is not uncommon for it to be a former partner or wife. In most known cases, men stalk women.


One speaks of stalking only when the harassment of a person continues over a longer period of time or increases and their physical and psychological integrity is threatened directly, indirectly or in the long term. In most cases, stalking extends over a period of more than two years. Stalking can manifest itself in the following behaviors:

  • the stalker calls countless times in the office or at home
  • he practices telephone terror
  • the stalker harasses, follows and threatens the stalking victim
  • the stalker leaves threatening messages on the answering machine, by SMS or email
  • the stalker stalks the victim in front of the office, at home, while walking or doing a hobby
  • the stalker sends countless love letters and gifts
  • the stalker leaves messages at the front door and/or at the car
  • the stalker damages property of his victim
  • the stalker breaks into the apartment
  • the stalker orders goods and magazines in the name of the victim
  • sometimes the stalker also uses physical violence.