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Help for inpatient care

If someone does not have long-term care insurance or if the benefits provided by the long-term care insurance fund are not sufficient, benefits of the assistance for long-term care according to the 12th Book of the Social Code (SGB XII) come into consideration.

"A grant of benefits under SGB XII can be made for persons,

  • who are in need of care and
  • have been assigned at least care level 2 after the need for care has been determined, and
  • the personal contribution for a care facility (short-term care or long-term care) cannot be raised from their own income and assets."


The benefits according to SGB XII depend on the amount of income and assets of the applicant and his partner in the household.

Statements on the use of income and assets are individually designed and therefore require consultation.

Benefits of the assistance for care according to the SGB XII are subordinate to similar benefits according to other legal regulations (e.g. benefits of the social care insurance according to the 11th book of the Social Code XI).

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport
  • Registration confirmation
  • Income, asset and debit documents

    Income, asset and debit documents please enclose a copy of the questionnaire (if possible from the last 12 months, for self-employed persons from the last three years)