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Help-Line - Telephone for caring relatives and elderly people

The care and nursing of relatives is a great challenge. In addition to the many different feelings that can arise, such as sadness, anger, fear and compassion, it is usually the very simple everyday problems that burden family members providing care in this situation. You need someone who not only gives you "good advice", but who listens to you, confirms you and with whom you can find practicable solutions together.

The Help-Line is a telephone for caring relatives and elderly people. Here you can talk about stressful situations - anonymously if you wish. If desired, the Help-Line accompanies through regular telephone calls.

The Help-Line is a group of women and men who work on a voluntary basis. They have different professional and personal experiences which can be brought into the counselling.

The Help-Line has been in existence since 1 May 2000 and is organisationally under the umbrella of the Dementia Advice Centre in Bremen'.