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  • Inspect the commercial register

Inspect the commercial register

You want to inspect the commercial register? The commercial register contains entries about specific corporations (such as GmbH, AG, KGaA), partnerships (such as OHG, KG) or sole traders (e. K.).

If you are looking for information about specific companies, you can consult the commercial register.

The commercial register provides information about facts and legal relationships that are of importance for legal transactions in connection with companies entered there.

The commercial register contains information about corporations (such as GmbH, AG, KGaA), partnerships (such as OHG, KG) or sole traders (e. K.). The commercial register contains, for example, the names of persons who are authorized to represent a company in business transactions. You will also find small traders in the commercial register who have had the entry made voluntarily.

You can obtain an extract from the Commercial Register, i.e. a printout from the electronically kept Commercial Register.

If documents are only available in paper form, so-called transcripts are produced.

The following commercial register extracts can be issued:

  • Current extract. This contains the current entries.
  • Chronological excerpt. This contains the current and already deleted entries since 2007.
  • Historical extract. This contains all entries before 2007.

The joint register portal of the federal states is available on the Internet for inspection of the commercial register. There you can search for registered companies by entering keywords. If you register, the contents of the register can also be accessed online as a PDF document (subject to a fee).

In addition, you can still view the commercial register during business hours at the registry court (free of charge) and have a printout or copy made there (subject to a fee).


Weitere Hinweise

Electronic Commercial Register

Since January 1, 2007, the commercial register has been maintained exclusively electronically. Data from the following public registers is available on the joint Internet portal of the German register courts:

  • Commercial Register
  • Register of Cooperatives
  • Partnership register
  • Register of associations (in part)

Welche Gebühren/Kosten fallen an?

No fees are charged for the inspection of commercial register data and documents at the court's office.