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Kanalstörung melden (runde Gullydeckel)

a. The waste water in my house does not drain! b. The sewage comes up in the basement or backs up! c. My pit is overflowing! d. The manhole cover (in the street diameter ca.1 m) is rattling! e. The drains are not draining!

Contact Person

  • a. If necessary, the public connection sewer must be flushed, but it may also be a blockage on private property.
  • b. Advice from hanseWasser, technical inspection or modification on private property may be necessary, flushing of the public sewer in the event of blockages.
  • c. During service hours removal of the pit, out of hours emergency service call,
  • d. Manhole cover is determined by hanseWasser


  • a. Connection sewer blockage may only be removed by hanseWasser, on private property can also be referred to a pipe cleaning company.
  • b. Backwater due to heavy rainfall or blockages, customer is responsible for backwater protection of his building (drainage systems), in case of disturbances in the public sewer this will be removed by hanseWasser.
  • c. Only wastewater collection pits that are already subject to disposal will be driven in the emergency service.
  • d. Manhole cover must be located in the public area.