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lay assessors


Procedure of the election

The presidents of the district or local courts shall determine the number of principal and auxiliary jurors required for the coming term of office in their district and the corresponding figures in the juvenile justice system on the basis of the days on which the courts meet and the requirement that principal jurors are not to be called upon for more than twelve days of meetings.

The municipal authorities shall publicise the election, organise public relations work, accept applications and compile lists of candidates. The local councils decide on the inclusion of applicants on the suggestion lists. For the city of Bremen, the municipal council is the city council and for the city of Bremerhaven, the municipal council. The youth welfare committees decide on the inclusion of applicants on the suggestion lists in the juvenile justice system.
The suggestion lists are then made available to the public. Anyone may object to individual proposals. The lists (with the objections if necessary) are sent to the competent district court. The chairman of the lay assessor election committee shall prepare the meeting.

The lay jury selection committees decide on objections to the lists of nominations and elect the lay jurors who are to act as principal and auxiliary jurors in adult and juvenile criminal cases at the local and regional courts for the next five years.
The aldermen and laywomen elected are examined for possible obstacles to their election and the lists of the principal and auxiliary jurors in general and juvenile criminal cases are sent to the respective court.

The Local and Regional Courts shall draw lots for the principal jurors assigned to them for all dates of the trial of the panels for the year 2019; the auxiliary jurors shall not be given any dates. They are used when a principal alderman is unable to attend or when substitute aldermans are needed in particularly large proceedings. The auxiliary jurors are drawn by lot for the entire coming term of office in a fixed order on the list of auxiliary jurors. The selected candidates will be notified of their assignment by the respective courts. The applicants who have not been selected will be informed by the municipal authorities.

More information

Information on the exercise of the office of lay judge

Office of the Lay Lay Assessors of the Bremen Regional Court

+49 421 361-4847

Office of the Lay Lay Assessors at Bremen Local Court

+49 421 361-76633 and -4186 (juvenile jurors)

Administrative office of the Bremen-Blumenthal Local Court

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