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Opportunity Residency

You currently have a Duldung (suspension of deportation) and have already lived in Germany for five years without interruption on 31.10.2022? If so, you should be granted a one-time opportunity residence permit for 18 months upon application. This will give you the opportunity to fulfill the other requirements for the issuance of a residence permit in the case of well-integrated adolescents and young adults or in the case of sustainable integration. These include, in particular, proof of identity and the independent securing of your livelihood.

Well-integrated foreigners who are only tolerated in the Federal Republic of Germany can be granted a residence permit under certain conditions (§§ 25a, 25b AufenthG). In order to have a chance to fulfill the requirements, foreigners who entered the Federal Republic before 31.10.2017 and have stayed in the Federal Republic for at least 5 years on a tolerated, permitted or authorized basis should be granted a residence permit according to § 104c AufenthG for 18 months.


The prerequisite* is that the person

  • currently has a tolerated stay in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • on 31.10.2022 has already lived in the Federal Republic of Germany for 5 years without interruption on a permitted, approved or tolerated basis
  • is committed to the free democratic basic order of the Federal Republic of Germany,
  • has not been convicted of an intentional criminal offense committed within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, whereby fines totaling up to 50 daily rates or up to 90 daily rates for criminal offenses that can only be committed by foreigners under the Residence Act or the Asylum Act, or convictions under juvenile criminal law that do not result in a juvenile sentence, are generally not taken into consideration, and
  • there is no interest in deportation

Under the same conditions, spouses, life partners and minor, unmarried children who live with this person in a domestic community are to be granted a residence permit.

*The list is not exhaustive. No guarantee. Examination in individual cases required.

What documents do I need?

  • As a rule, no documentation is required.
  • In individual cases, the Department of Migration and Naturalization may request required documents.