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Parking facilitation for special groups (orange parking permit)

Since the beginning of June 2009, four precisely defined groups of people have been able to take advantage of certain parking facilitations nationwide.

The parking facilitation allows:

  • to park in the restricted parking zone for up to three hours (the arrival time must be set on a parking disc),
  • to park in the zone no-stopping zone beyond the permitted time,
  • to park beyond the permitted time in places which are signed as parking places (number 314 and 315) and for which a limited parking time is ordered by an additional sign,
  • to park during the loading time in pedestrian zones where loading and unloading is authorized for certain times,
  • to park in appropriately marked traffic-calmed areas (sign 325) outside the marked areas, but without obstructing through traffic,
  • to park at parking meters and at parking ticket machines without paying a fee and for an unlimited period of time,
  • to park in parking lots for residents for up to three hours,
  • in individual cases, to park free of charge in customer parking spaces at Deutsche Bahn (DB) stations. However, since this is not public traffic space but private property of the DB, disabled people should be sure to inform themselves exactly about the conditions.

Parking in handicapped parking spaces throughout Germany is still only permitted with the blue parking permit. The orange parking permit does not entitle the holder to use these parking spaces.


Parking facilitation for special groups is granted to the following groups of people:

  • Severely disabled persons with the signs G and B and a degree of disability (GdB) of at least 70 for functional disorders of the lower limbs alone (and the lumbar spine, insofar as these affect the ability to walk) and at the same time a GdB of at least 50 for functional disorders of the heart or the respiratory organs
  • Severely disabled persons suffering from Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, if they have a GdB of at least 60
  • Severely disabled persons with artificial bowel outlet and artificial urinary diversion, if they have a GdB of at least 70.
  • Severely disabled persons who are treated as equal to the above-mentioned group of persons as determined by a medical doctor.

    A parking permit for special groups can only be issued if you can prove this by a positively issued certificate for special groups from the Office for Supply and Integration Bremen.

What documents do I need?

  • Severely disabled pass with front and back!
  • Certificate for special groups (to be requested from the Office for Care and Integration, Doventorscontrescarpe 172D, 28195 Bremen)