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Passport application - for persons under 18

The passport can also be issued for persons between 0 and 18 years. For some destinations this is necessary, because the children's passport or identity card is not recognized in all countries.

The passport can be applied for in one of the BürgerServiceCenters in Bremen.

It is sufficient if one person with custody applies for it in person and the other person with custody submits his or her declaration of consent and identity document (original or copy).

It is not possible to change the personal data of the child (e.g. a change of name) in the passport. In these cases a new passport must be applied for if necessary.

Further general information on the passport is available at


The underage child:

  • has German nationality
  • must be present when the application is submitted

Important: This is a service provided by a local authority. Therefore, you can only go to an office in your (main) place of residence.

Exception: If an important reason is given, the application for a passport must also be processed by a passport authority that is not locally competent. A passport may only be issued with the authorisation of the local passport authority. In this case, the fee shall be doubled if this is done at the instigation of the applicant by an authority that is not competent.

What documents do I need?

  • Proof of identity

    e.g. old or invalid identity card, valid (child) passport or birth certificate in the case of infants or young children who do not yet have a (child) passport or identity card.

  • 1 current biometric passport photo according to the photo sample board (not older than three months)
  • Declaration of consent by the person with custody

    as well as their identity cards (also copies) and, if applicable, proof of custody

  • in the case of a change of name, a document or certificate from the registry office
  • Important note: the children must always be present in person!