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pay a fine / Bremerhaven

Have you received a parking ticket? Or are you supposed to pay a fine for a misdemeanor, e.g. for speeding?

The fine is an administrative measure for administrative offenses.

In Bremerhaven, there are various offices that are responsible for fines and administrative offenses:

  • The Fines Office at the Citizens' and Public Order Office is the point of contact for all traffic offences and for a wide range of general administrative offences, such as noise pollution, non-smoker protection, broadcasting fees, dog ownership, etc.
  • The Fines Office is also responsible for the deployment of field staff who, among other things, monitor stationary traffic and, if necessary, arrange for towing operations. The payment requests left on the vehicle can be paid on the move in the case of warning fines using the QR code printed on them.
  • Furthermore, the fine office is responsible for mobile speed measurement by means of measuring trucks and stationary measurement in the city area.

For matters involving

  • tax offices,
  • courts
  • courts or other offices of the Bremerhaven administration

the office that issued the notice should be contacted.