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Port licence Bremen

Permit for fishing in the ports of Bremen

Terms and conditions for the practice of fishing

In compliance with the provisions of the Brem. Fischereigesetzes and the Brem. Binnenfischereiverordnung fishing is only allowed in the following harbor areas:

  • Hemelinger harbors
  • Hohentorshafen harbor
  • Mole at the tower turning basin Überseehafen (Mäuseturm)
  • Neustädter Hafen (only embankment area of the outer harbor and the turning basin from the outlet of the sewage treatment plant to the RoRo facility)
    prohibited: Bridges of the tug berth
  • Lankenauer Hafen (only embankment area from the head of shed 23 to the ramp)
    no trespassing: long bridge to the barge berths and ramp towards harbor entrance/exit
  • Port channel A (south side: embankment area of the south side from dolphin II to the beginning of the warehouse, including jetties II / III and the cattle bridge)
  • Coal port (only embankment area at the port head, limited by the fence to the west and the bollard to the east)
  • Holzhafen (north side embankment from the fence to the Rolandmühle pier).

As fishing gear, two hand-held fishing rods, each with a main line and no by-catch, and a sinker for bait fishing, mesh size at least 10 mm, are permitted. Only a single hook may be used to fish for peaceful fish. In addition, the equipment required by the Brem. Binnenfischereiverordnung is to be carried along.

Fishing from watercraft is prohibited.

Navigation must not be disturbed. In particular, the fishing lines are to be reeled in when approaching watercraft to such an extent that the vehicles can pass without danger.

It is forbidden to board vessels.

It is forbidden to pollute the port area.

Smoking prohibitions are to be observed.

Condition: "Fishing in all other port areas not listed in this permit is prohibited".

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  • Federal fishing licence (blue)


  • Bremen stock fishing licence (pink)